Storm Damage/Insurance Claims

At Whitetail Roofing Co., we understand the hassle of filing an insurance claim. We know how the process works because we deal with it on a daily basis. We are the professionals who can walk you through the procedure and assist you from start to finish. Our insurance claim process is as follows:

  • We will do a FREE inspection of your entire property to see the extent of the damage
  • If we find damage, we will encourage you to file an insurance claim
  • We will meet the adjuster at your home, and make sure he records all the damage
  • Once the claim is approved, we will do all the repairs based on the insurance estimate
  • Once the work is completed, we will invoice the insurance to ensure you receive your depreciation.

Our services are designed to get you insured as quickly as possible securing you from any storm damage. With unpredictable weather, you want a reliable company that can protect your property and your assets.

What to Know About Hail

Most hail damage is hard to see by just looking at the ground, which requires an inspection of the roof. When hail hits your roof it makes an indention in the shingle which causes the granules that protect the matting of the shingle to be exposed to the elements. With the exposed matting, sunshine, and ice begin to work a hole through your shingle. It doesn’t take long before your roof is leaking, especially with Texas weather. Most insurance companies only allow a 12-month period to file a claim. Don’t wait till your roof leaks, call Whitetail Roofing Co. at (903) 821-1163.


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Hail Damage
Hail Damage

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